Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On again, off again: A Hiatus in the Machine

This summer, I've been on again/off again with keeping the blog up and going. It's been worse than Ross and Rachel. (I love my blog, I hate my blog, I love my blog, I hate my blog, I...)

Presently, I'm getting ready for a move out to Newark, New Jersey, where I'll be starting in the MFA in Creative Writing at Rutgers. It'll be a good time. But that likewise means that I'm busy-busy-busy, with a number of final Pennsylvania trips and then the tedious task of packing up all the books and Uhauling everything out to the densely populated cities of New Jersey.

There may be updates--expect one on Friday, to be sure--but this is your fair warning: updates will most likely be spotty during the next two weeks. I'll make a sincere effort to get a few posted, though.

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  1. LOVE the Friends reference. :)