Friday, July 9, 2010

Lady Gaga, Queen of Stalkerbook

So the BBC--and many other news outlets--recently reported that Lady Gaga has garnered more Facebook fans than any other living person. At present, you can view her Stalkerbook fan page and see that she's racked up more than eleven million fans. Yowza.

This isn't a complaint about Lady Gaga as a social phenomenon or anything else. But it makes me wonder about the world's perspective on things. So I decided to scour the Stalkerbook fan pages for, you know, a universal ideal or two. Something every one, regardless of race or creed or musical tastes, could get behind.

So I looked up love: There does indeed exist a Facebook page for love (I'm now a fan), and it has just shy of two hundred eighty thousand fans. So...Lady Gaga has nine hundred thousand fans more than love.

It's a strange, small thing, but it's enough to make me question individual priorities. Lady Gaga's music may be catchy, or exciting, or enjoyable (or, even to a few, perhaps annoying and obnoxious), but it's a little dubious that an entertainer can tally more fans than a core human emotion. Aren't we all fans of love?

Really. Become a fan of love. Also of the Bucknell University Press, but also of love. Because love, no matter with whom or for whom, is a good thing. Always


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