Friday, March 12, 2010

Film Selections, and Future Changes to Penguin in the Machine

I received three replies--two as comments and one via Facebook--to Monday's post. Since I'm awful at decisions, I've decided to pick one from each of my recommenders. The selected films are:

  • The Visitor, because I have a thing for underdogs (that includes the cartoon superhero Underdog but not the dreadful live-action flick) and the underappreciated.
  • Star Trek (2009), because I'm a geek and also because I should really take the initiative to see a movie that was made in the past two years that's not The Dark Knight or Twilight (the last film I saw in theatres, back in November 2008).
  • Two for the Road, and the explanation for this one comes in two words: AUDREY HEPBURN.
But thank you all for your kind recommendations! I'll be acquiring the films sometime in the next few days, and then the next three Fridays will be film reviews here on The Penguin in the Machine!

I am going to hold onto all of the other recommendations, though, because it'll give me more things to look for in the future.

Next week, I'm going to start a new feature on this blog; on Wednesdays, I'll begin posting poetry, maybe some by me, maybe some by real poets (old stuff out of copyright, but good stuff, since I don't want anybody's estate suing the pants off of me. Though, I could post some bad poems and make fun of them. That could be fun, too.) I feel that poetry is under-appreciated because high schoolers are stuck reading John Donne's tense, sexually-repressed, subliminally violent poetry because it scans well, and this produces the idea that poetry is inaccessible. But it doesn't have to be, and it can still be incredibly emotionally compelling.

Returning on Monday, after I do some more marathon revisions!


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