Monday, March 8, 2010

And the Oscar goes to...

If I were a socially responsible blogger, I'd be ranting and raving about the Oscars in this post, telling all of you what you've either already watched or read elsewhere.

Or, I would be doing what so many other bloggers do, in that I'd be finding the nearest wifi hotspot and immediately whining about how I disagree with why Film A won Award Zed.

The truth of the matter--and I actually feel a bit ashamed about this--is that I don't watch nearly enough movies. I read three or four books a week--and believe me, that's not about to change--but there are some people who watch maybe twice that many movies in a week and still lead über-productive lives.

(I watch lots of British television, though...does that count for at least some cultural indoctrination?)

The Oscars generate a lot of hype because movies have all that glitz and glamour. Not that that's a bad thing--often, critics of film and visual media forget that there's an artistic vision behind the camera. Remember: Just because you aren't reading every word of it--just because images and details are arranged and given to you on some kind of canvas (i.e., actual canvas, or developed film, or the silver screen, or your home television)--doesn't mean that there isn't some kind of artistic vision to it.

Film is like fiction--another way of telling and imagining stories. And as with fiction, films can be either fun fluff or beautiful, artistic, deliberate.

So here's what I want you to do: Hit that comment button and tell me two things: A, or 1, the title of the film, and 2, by which I also mean b, why you think it's an excellent film and why I should watch it. You don't need a Blogger or a Goggle account to leave a comment; all you need is the predilection to actually type a response.

From your responses (of which there will hopefully be many), I'll pick one of these films and announce my choice, probably on Thursday or Friday. I'll find some way of getting it over the weekend, will watch it, and then write a review.

And I'll consider the others, too, for my future edification!


  1. The Visitor. An under-the-radar movie, but very touching.


  2. Oh goodness. Can I list more than one?

    The Fall - A film that is a kaleidoscope of color, rich in storytelling even if the story stumbles a bit but after several viewings, I'd like to think that is what makes it work.

    Let the Right One In - A Swedish film based on the novel of the same name; it is a unique take on a classic horror monster, the vampire.

    Star Trek - I'm talking about the 2009 version. Even if you aren't a trekker/trekkie, the film is still a fun, wild ride with actors that embody the classic characters while putting their own spin on them.

    Babe (only because I bought it today) - The underrated best picture nominee of 1995.

    Up - The first ten minutes will make you (and even the darkest, most evil soul) cry.