Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Work of Genius

A quick post today, to let all of you know about the greatest iPod app of all time. This app, called "Manuscript," allows you to prepare and work on writing projects ranging from short stories to novels.

Think of it as the ultimate writer's helper. With this app, you can outline a project, take notes, make edits to existing documents, import/export from your Google documents, and a number of additional features.

Manuscript defies my tradition of not paying for iPod apps; at $7.99, it's a smidgen on the expensive side, as far as apps go. At that price, the only flaw in the app is that it only supports RTF (rich text format) files, so anything you import into Manuscript has to be saved as that file type. (Sorry, Microsoft, but the .doc format hasn't taken over the world yet.)

This app is certain to be a boon to any writer. Perhaps the greatest attribute, though, is what makes the iPod Touch such an excellent device: portability. Now, you can take your notes and outlines with you, help keep your desk cleared of sheets of notes pertaining to different projects, and stay organized with the help of Manuscript.

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